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Here’s the deal; it’s always hard for me to talk about my thoughts and feelings. I prefer to put them into writing. And I do that most of the time.

My blogs are actually all over the internet, but only a few people know about them. Only a few would recognize that it was me who wrote them – only those who know me very well. And yes, I keep a personal journal, too. So, I guess I really do have a way with words.

Call me your “Online Diva”. My blogs are all over the internet because I like putting my thoughts into words.

Call me your Internet Queen or Online Diva for that matter. Because right here and right now, you’ll get to know me even better.

And we’re going to have that dream partnership – a friendship that exists online where we can freely share our dirty little secrets and some diva-level tips on how to have a more fulfilling life.

Home Organizing Ideas: How I Manage My Home Lifestyle

Let’s start with the basics. I have this thing for organizing things at home. I make sure that everything is in place from kitchen utensils to toiletries and groceries.

Hence, I would love to share with you some of the best home organizing and management ideas that are essential to my sanity.

Quality Furniture

I like to invest on quality home furnishings. Durable, classy and simple furniture are my eye-candy. I believe that every home should go for things that can stand the test of time.

So I stick to the basics and focus more on nice things that don’t go outdated. Basic furniture and couches in plain and neutral colors are easier on the eyes and can blend well with just about anything.

I love neutrals and earth colors because they blend nicely with just about anything.

I prefer colors that go well with pastels. One good thing about durable furniture is that I don’t have to worry when things get a little wilder than expected between me and my boyfriend. I can always count on their stability, if you know what I mean.

Clean and Pleasant Smell on Every Corner

I like infusing essential oils and cleaning the air with a humidifier. It creates a relaxing ambiance at home so I can think better and become more productive. It also helps in improving my mood.

Sometimes, I light some scented candles in my bedroom. I particularly love scents inspired by nature such as rainforest, bamboo, sage and sandalwood. The scents get me in the mood for sex all the time.

During those cold nights when I feel like being naughty and sexy, I just light a few candles, dim down the lights and indulge myself on some steamy phone sex conversations. This is one little secret that I intend to keep for a long, long time.

Therapeutic candles with nature-inspired scents like rainforest and bamboo create a sexy bedroom environment.

A Minimalist Approach

I like to keep things simple. Clean and plain walls, a pretty detail here and there, a lot of enclosed storage space and a few basic essentials. I like neutral shades as the main color scheme and then just a pop of color to make things interesting.

I also don’t like too much decorations and I prefer to keep some surfaces bare. This approach makes cleaning much easier and it minimizes dust collection.

Know the Important People Who Can Help You

My home is my personal space. So as much as I try to keep it clean, I also pay attention to the necessary repairs right away. Since I don’t like dealing with extensive discussions that have uncertain outcomes, I don’t go straight to my insurance company.

I rely on a Public Adjuster Miami has ever had to handle my insurance claims. Isn’t it amazing how much information you can get from the internet? They were able to negotiate for maximum coverage for all the damages left by a heavy storm in my home last year.

I prefer stress-free methods of handling matters. So, I know the right people to call for my insurance-related concerns.

Personal Experiences about Love and Relationships

I really can’t tell if I’m lucky or unlucky in love. But one thing is certain; I get out of relationships at the same speed that I enter into them. After all, I believe that relationships are all about trial and error.

And sometimes, there are some things that I just can’t stand and tolerate. Nevertheless, I’m about to share with you some of my personal insights about love and relationships which you may or may not agree on.

Know Your Worth

Know your value as a person. If you sense that your boyfriend is cheating on you, step out and just let go. Cry a little if you must then move on. Knowing your worth will make you realize that you deserve better.

Be brave enough to leave without looking back regardless of how good he is in bed or how much he makes you weak each time he kisses you. I know things like that are hard to forget but a half-hearted boyfriend doesn’t deserve your entire heart.

Don’t wallow in self-pity. Know your worth and love yourself.

Set Your Boundaries

Your boyfriend is just a part of your life. Don’t devote your whole life to him. Have enough time for yourself, go out with your friends, visit your family and meet new people.

Continue doing the things that make you happy and pursue your passion. If he truly loves you, he’ll be supportive.

Don’t Tolerate Toxic Behavior

Never let a guy hurt you in any way – physically, mentally and emotionally. If you feel that he’s giving you more heartaches than joy, walk away from him no matter how much you love him.

Don’t be a prisoner of love. You’ll always find someone that you deserve. And even if that doesn’t happen, don’t feel bad about it. You are enough as a person. Learn to love yourself and don’t let any man control you, your actions and your decisions.

Don’t let your emotions take over. And don’t allow any man to control you and your decisions.

Know When Enough Means Enough

I once had a boyfriend whom I caught a couple of times engaging in erotic adult chats over the phone. I caught him once in his office during a surprise visit and another time in our own bedroom at a time when I was anticipating an intimate night with him.

His excuse was that he was doing it to get himself in the mood for sex. I let it pass thinking that it was just a random woman and I shouldn’t be threatened by her.

But he screamed the name “Roxanne” while making love to me. It was an insult on my part knowing that he was thinking of another woman all along while inside me.

And to think that I even gave him the best oral sex I could manage. That same night, I had him out of my door and out of my life.

Know Your Priorities

Here’s the thing about me; if you hurt me, that’s one thing. But if you hurt the people I love, that’s a different story.

My previous boyfriend was a serial womanizer and a total flirt. I had always been aware of that. The only reason why I held on to our relationship was because I thought I could change him.

And besides, he was a real hunk that’s hard to resist. I couldn’t miss the chance to have him with me in bed. Little did I know that he was the same guy who broke my best friend’s heart a few years back; and for that reason, I had to let him go. End of story.

On a different note, allow me to give you some serious advice about life and relationships.

Life Advice from an Online Diva

(On a Serious Note)

My experiences in life have taught me how to become self-sufficient. And that I don’t have to rely on anyone for my personal happiness and contentment because that’s my job.

I guess that’s what every woman needs to do – to find her own path to happiness without depending on anyone. Therefore, before you allow others into your life, you must first develop a sense of personal independence. I refer to it as “personal empowerment”.

A friend once told me that life does not provide us with happiness. Instead, it provides us with blessings and graces that come from a higher power. It is up to us whether we’ll be happy with what life gives us or not.

Our sense of appreciation determines our own happiness. So don’t worry if you think that you’re having it bad in life. It’s all on how you appreciate the things and people around you.

Appreciate life, be happy on your own, value your relationship and accept things which are not meant to be.

If you’ll focus on the beautiful things first, everything else becomes manageable no matter how hard and unfair life is.

And lastly, face the fact that not all people are meant to stay in your life. So love them while you can and when time comes that you must let them go, have the courage to accept that.

That’s just how life is. We run in circles. You meet people that change your life and then, you move on. If destiny allows it, you’ll meet again.

The same goes for relationships. So don’t feel bad if you have to let them end so you can preserve your self worth. Just keep in mind that what’s meant for you will always find its way.

Now that you’ve seen more than just a glimpse of my heart and my life, let me walk you through some stories, tips and advice that might give you ideas on how to make life more fun and interesting. Come and follow me.