Just like most women, I’ve had quite a handful of naughty moments in the past and some wild sexual fantasies which are yet to be fulfilled. Let me share with you some of my stories.

Sexual Encounter with an Old Friend

A few weeks back, I met up with an old friend who’s a boy-next-door from my mother’s hometown. We used to play a lot when we were kids.

Although we were able to maintain contact via social media and texting, we don’t see each other very often. So you could just imagine my surprise when I actually saw him again looking all hunky and good-looking.

We had dinner and a really long conversation about travel tips and ideas until we found ourselves making out in his car later that evening. To cut the long story short, we had a steamy sexual affair right in the backseat of his car.

Now, I have a mixture of emotions and I don’t know how to keep things casual between us again. He’s apparently getting married in a few months and the least I could do for now is to stay away and not ruin his relationship.

Having sex with a childhood friend who’s about to get married gave me mixed emotions. Will we ever be friends again?

Wild Sex Fantasy at the Clinic

Every quarter, I visit my doctor for a routine exam. Being quite sexually-active, I feel that I owe it to my body to have regular check ups, lab tests, pap smear and ultrasound just to be sure about my feminine health.

One time during an appointment, the nurse told me that my doctor was currently out of the country but there’s another doctor assigned to her post.

To my surprise, that doctor turned out to be a middle-aged man who’s intensely good-looking. It was quite awkward lying down on the examination bed especially when I had to spread my legs apart so he can take some vaginal specimen for my pap smear test. I also had a trans-vaginal ultrasound and breast examination.

As he palpated over my chest, I could feel his warm breathe and slightly cold hands against my skin; and for awhile, I thought about getting naughty with him right at that very moment.

Who could resist a sexy doctor who’s touching your body and exploring your feminine area as part of his job? I fantasized having sex with this doctor on my way back home and ended up crawling underneath my sheets naked with a sex toy in hand.

I found it hard to contain my sexual fantasies about the doctor. I ended up crawling in bed and helping myself out.

A Quickie with an Ex-Boyfriend

When a relationship ends, I try to keep myself from looking back. But when a hot ex-boyfriend who gives mind-blowing oral sex comes knocking on your door on a rainy night, what kind of woman can resist that?

And so it happened to me during one of those cold nights. He came knocking on my door, dripping wet and begging me to take him back. We had a nice talk over a steaming cup of tea and one thing led to another.

He still knows how to turn me on and I had no courage to fight it off. As if on cue, we had our little sexual escapade with me right on top of my dining table.

Cold and rainy nights make me think about my ex-boyfriend who gave me a quickie right on top of my dining table.

But then again, a hot quickie will never be enough for me to change my mind. When I end something, I always mean it. Yet, I can’t help but fantasize about him whenever it’s cold and raining.

I always end up staring at that corner where we shared a wild moment. You can always bet that if he comes knocking on my door again with those deep and piercing eyes, I might end up too weak to resist his charm.