After going through several relationships in the past, some are good ones while others were failures, I can say that I’ve learned a lot of lessons already. And while I have no regrets at all, I do have a lot of realizations.

I try my best to move forward by keeping my mind preoccupied with home decorating, work, blogging and meeting up with friends. By doing so, I am able to keep myself from looking back.

Right now, I can say (with an open heart and an open mind) that I already know what a solid and healthy relationship is really like. Here are some of the best relationship advice I can share with you;

Love Yourself

It’s ok to love someone with all your heart but don’t forget yourself in the process. Leave enough room for your personal needs and interests. Take good care of yourself and try to pursue the things that make you happy even while in a relationship.

Learn to love yourself first before entering into a relationship.

Appreciate Your Partner

One of the reasons why relationships fail is due to lack of appreciation between partners. Appreciating your partner even for the simplest things can make a difference.

Start by telling him how much he makes you happy or how much he turns you on every time he touches you. Random appreciation can contribute to a healthy relationship.

Find Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Surprise your partner while having sex by exploring his pleasure zones. You can also wear something sexier and more revealing to seduce him.

Or, you can tease him for as long as you want to build the excitement before giving in. The whole idea is to keep your sex life exciting by trying out something new all the time.

Open Communication

It may sound cliché but communication is vital for every romantic relationship. As much as 60% of relationships fail due to lack of communication between partners.

So if you value your partner, learn how to communicate your thoughts and feelings with all honesty. And, the process should go both ways.

Personal Space

Having your own personal space gives you opportunities to grow, to pursue you passion and to make time for other people.

I especially don’t like possessive men who confine me within their boundaries. I believe that no matter how loyal we are to each other, we must have enough freedom to explore other things and to have time exclusively for ourselves.

Love means supporting each other and allowing each other to grow and to pursue your passion.

Travel Together

I like men who surprise me with exciting stuff like random trips, long drives and vacations. There’s something about getting lost in new places that excites me.

It gives me a chance to get to know my man better – how he handles things and how he appreciates new adventures.

Travelling together is also a good way to see each other in a different light. It breaks our daily routine. And, it also offers an opportunity to kick back, relax and just focus on making good memories.

Share Fantasies

Not all women are vocal about what satisfies them in bed. Most women feel that it’s very unbecoming to tell her man how to make love to her.

But we do have different sexual fantasies. At times, we like to be aggressive but there are also times when we prefer slow and sensual lovemaking. So break the habit and start sharing your fantasies with your man so you can achieve the pleasure that you deserve.

Take Control

If your man can’t decide on something, take control of the situation. Instead of waiting for each other to decide where to eat or what to do, come up with good suggestions or better yet, plan the entire thing.

And when it comes to sex, don’t expect your man to do all the job. If you feel like taking control and getting wild and dirty, be bold enough to initiate it. A lot of guys actually like women who know how to do things their way.

Travel together, know when to take control and create a lot of memories to have a meaningful relationship.

Don’t Move-in Together

I guess not all couples would agree; but for me, I prefer not to live with my boyfriend in the same house. I will never have an intention to move-in with him – even after a year or two or ever.

For me, living together requires commitment and marriage. And I don’t think I’m ready for any of that. I just can’t give up on my freedom and privacy for now.

Weekend visits are acceptable but that’s as far as I could go. In my opinion, living together leaves no more room for mystery or excitement.

It pushes the relationship to a comfortable and convenient level leaving no space for efforts. So I prefer to set certain limitations whenever I enter into relationships.