I have fetish for organizing things. No offense but I’m not really a fan of over-decorating. I maintain only the essentials and a few pretty details.

I also have this mindset that my home is not storage for small things that collect dust. So I keep things as simple as I can.

A minimalist approach to home decorating creates a clean vibe. It’s also easier to maintain.

Here are some things that I would want to share about my personal lifestyle and some tips that you might find useful on your end.

Throw or Give Away Things You Don’t Need

Don’t be overly sentimental. Stop clinging on things that you no longer need. Stuff that you accumulate at home ends up as just clutter.

Instead of locking and preserving things, give them away to those who can benefit from them. It’s called sharing.

And as for broken things that occupy unnecessary space, just discard them. A minimalist approach can create a nice and clean home environment.

I remember all the stuff I gave away to charity a few months back. They were things that remind me of my past relationships – slinky lingerie, “his and hers” T shirts, travel souvenirs, bed sheets and some essential oils.

Little did I know that a finger vibrator was trapped inside the folds of the blanket; well, thanks to my ex-boyfriend who probably left that hidden on purpose.

So just imagine the look on the woman’s face when I handed her all the stuff. But yes, I left her the sex toy as well.

Return Things Where You Got Them

If you’re going to use something, return it back to where it should be. In my home, there’s a place for everything. Hence, I know where to get what I need.

There’s a drawer for my work and office supplies, a closet for bathroom essentials and a gadget charging station among others.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is having a man around that put things in complete disarray. I always wonder why guys are so messy.

It’s hard to maintain an organized house when a man is around. Clothes and shoes are in places where they shouldn’t be. There’s always something in the kitchen sink, the toilet seat is always up and the bathroom floor is always wet after he gets off the shower.

But, of course, I wouldn’t mind showering together and getting the entire bathroom flooded as long as I’m part of it.  

I always wonder why guys make a lot of mess. Having a guy at home puts things in disarray.

Work on Necessary Repairs

Broken windows, roof leaks and damages left by extreme weather conditions need immediate attention. I don’t leave such inconveniences and unpleasant sights for a long time.

Comprehensive property insurance helps but I skip the process of dealing with my insurance provider. I prefer to call my Public Adjuster to make things easier and well, more fun and exciting.

I always look forward to meeting with the Public Adjuster representative. Aside from being such a gentleman, he’s such a hot guy any woman would fantasize about.

I always wonder what’s underneath that crisp suit. Does he get naughty, too? Does he also have sex fantasies about me?

Sadly, that’s all there is to that. I wouldn’t ruin a rather good working relationship since I want to keep counting on their services for my other property insurance-related needs. But I won’t deny that I’m always at my wits’ end every time we meet up to discuss some details.

Cook Only When it’s Necessary

Isn’t that what food deliveries are for? Since I don’t like making a lot of mess, I only cook on special occasions or when I’m craving for something that’s not readily available.

As much as I love cooking, I hate having to clean up the kitchen and putting things back in order after a major attempt at being a Master Chef. So I spare myself the trouble.

Cooking got me into trouble with my date. So I know better what to do next time.

I remember one time when I was trying to impress a guy I was dating. As soon as I put the chicken to cook in the oven, we couldn’t help but get naughty while waiting.

What was supposed to be a quickie on the counter turned into something more delightful on the living room couch totally forgetting about what’s cooking in the kitchen.

As we stared at the odd-shaped charcoal that’s supposed to be our dinner, we couldn’t help but laugh it off. We ended up calling for Chinese food delivery. Who would bother cooking for a date after that incident?