Hello there! Call me Tessa and I’m your resident online diva here. I won’t tell you much about myself because technically, I’m just a stranger who’s passing through. But yes, I’m a female, of legal age and mature enough to handle just about anything in life.

So for now, let me welcome you to dreamspartnership.org where I share snippets of my life and some personal insights.

For starters, I’m an active blogger and part-time writer. I like putting my thoughts into words wishing that other people who don’t know me personally would be able to read them and perhaps, learn something from me.

I like to believe that I have a way with words. That’s why I put into writing everything else that I could not say.

I also want other women to find me relatable. Basically, I’m fearless and bold when I write. However, I’m weak with spoken words.

I feel that I don’t need to talk about myself and my issues all the time. I know that people have their own problems in life. For that reason, I spare them my heartaches and frustrations. When I’m around people, instead of talking about my problems, I talk about my joys.

I want people to feel good after talking to me. And, I’m not doing this to please people. That’s just how I am. I don’t want to infuse a lot of negativity in this already cruel world that’s why I choose to live by my own beliefs – and that’s to “never become a burden to anyone”.

Not a lot of people know that I have a passionate and sensual personality and that I like to write about my secrets and fantasies.

I also understand that not a lot of women would be comfortable about listening to my stories. I’m a woman of passion and I like to explore my sexuality.

Other women might not be okay with that. So, I put into writing everything else that I could not say.

So allow me once again to welcome you into my world. Please feel free to explore my topics and I’m hoping that many readers, especially women, would be able to relate to my stories. Good luck to all of us!